Investors FAQ

Is there a maximum/minimum investment?

The maximum to invest is $500K.

What are the costs?

Our service is free to investors.

How is my privacy protected?

We do not share your name or contact information with anyone except entrepreneurs you choose to do business  with. Connections with entrepreneurs are made completely on your terms so your details are private until you decide to connect with a particular entrepreneur.

Does Caredec has his own funds to invest?

Caredec does not invest, but has a large amount of registered angel investors who are able to help our Entrepreneurs.

Who can use this platform?

his platform is designed to be used by sophisticated investors or investment professionals. Mail us at for more information.

Where do your pitches come from?/where do you have networks?

Our pitches are submitted by individual entrepreneurs, companies and incubators from our networks all over the Caribbean.

Do I need to become a member to experience all the classes and webinars?

Caredec’s Online training center its not just for our members, its also for you who wants to upgrade your skills and knowledge.
As an existing online member of CAREDEC you are automatically experiencing our classes and webinars for free.

Do I have to do my own due diligence on companies I like?

It is always recommended for you as an investor to do your own due diligence before the negotiations starts, Caredec will also perform its due diligence so that we have more information about the credibility of our clients.

How do I get in touch with entrepreneurs?

Every 3 weeks we will select a top 10 out of our best pitches. We will email you the top 10 and let you choose the ones that you find more interesting.

After the choice is made, we will provide you with more information about that particular business idea where you as an investor will provide us with the offer that you are willing to participate.

Do I have to invest through the site?

It is not possible to invest trough our website.

Caredec is only the intermediary between you and the entrepreneur.

We will take care of the negotiating procedures in order for everything to move in the right direction.