Entrepreneur’s FAQ

How can I join Caredec?

Do you have an  exsisting company in the Caribbean and you  need  a maximum of  $300K to go to the next level of doing buisness? Do you have  a businessplan for a business in the Caribbean  and you need an investment of  maximum $200K to start up? Caredec Can make it happen!

It’s an easy start

  • Send us a 3 minute Free-video at mybplan@caredec.com; explaining and convincing us what makes your plan unique and innovative.
  • We will evaluate your plan. In 2 weeks we will   send you  a report, with the results if  your plan is accepted or not  by the jugdement of our staff.

Upon approval

  • After approval to join our platform you  have to  register and pay a fee of  $299.00.  After doing this you have to upload your ‘Bussinessplan’ and Financialplan. Within two weeks  we will contact you and go over  your businessplan in 5 minutes via our communication platform online.

How does the deal flowing after Caredec find the right investment match?

Your match

  • A bit/offer will be made by investors who are interested in that particular businessplan.
  • Caredec will be the intermediate during the negotiations, and will also make sure that the agreement will be legally sealed.

Do I need to pay a additional fee after closing my deal?

Your match

Caredec will function as a broker, and will charge a commission of 3% when the deal is made.
This will be arranged during the negotiations between the entrepreneur and the investor.

Does Caredec has his own funds to invest?

Caredec does not invest, but has a large amount of registered angel investors who are able to help you.

How can I protect the confidentiality of my idea?

If you’re worried about confidentiality we’d advise you to write enough to get the investors interested in your project without revealing any sensitive information. Once we start discussions with an investor, we may want to ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we release more information

How can I pay?

You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

Do I need to become a member to experience all the classes and webinars?

Caredec’s Online training center its not just for our members, its also for you who wants to upgrade your skills and knowledge.
As an existing online member of CAREDEC you are automatically experiencing our classes and webinars for free.